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Ministry of Education Curriculum:
Drama Resource:
Creative Drama and Theatre Education:
Curricular Resources for Drama in Education:
Canadian Improv Games:
Honolulu Theatre for Youth:
Ontario Presents
Improv Encyclopedia:
The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, Film & Television:
Safe Practices for the Performing Arts 2020 Safe Practices for the Performing Arts 2020
PlayME from CBC Podcasts celebrates the best of Canadian Theatre on a national and international scale. Transforming Drama for the Digital Age:
Drama Notebook contains the world’s largest collection of drama games, lesson plans, scripts and drama activities for kids and teens.
Deep Space Sparkle contains free projects, workshops, and much more. You don’t have to be a master artist to teach kids art!
10 Best Virtual Improv games for distance learning
Virtual Production Tech Recommendations
Theatrefolk Resources
The Virtual Theatre
Arts BC Resource Guide Arts BC Resource Guide (PDF)
Monologues Sites
Free Monologues for Teenagers:
Free Monologues for Teens:
52 Monologues for Teens and Kids:
Monologues for Teens and Kids:
Beat by Beat Press: 4 Free Monologues for Kids and Teens:
Monologues for Children:
Monologues for Children:
Free Drama:
Instant Monologues:
Pioneer Drama Service:
Non-Binary Monologue Project:
YouthPLAYS - Free scenes and monologues:
The Amazing Improv Generator is a fun app in the iTunes store that can help keep those electrons firing with out-of-the-box, spontaneous ideas for improv performances. You are assigned a random character, setting or event. Ready! Go!
Practicing Your Lines
Rehearsal Pro assists with learning lines. Records lines, plays back, even scrolls the lines like a teleprompter. The app works with both short and feature-length scripts.
Tableread allows you to read and listen to scripts, screenplays from a professionally formatted script in PDF format. The “Pro Version”, even allows you to listen to scripts read by a multitude of unique character voices.
My Lines allows viewing scripts on your phones for easy convenience. When you find a free moment, rehearse and memorize your lines.