Only SDA Adult, Associate, and Post-Secondary/Graduate members may borrow scripts and resources from the Mary Ellen Burgess Library.
2. Material must be ordered by completing the Library Order form on the website. Contact SDA via email (dramainfo@sasktel.net) or phone (306-525-0151) if you require assistance in ordering scripts or resources.  
3. Saskatchewan Drama Association does not provide a reference service, thus requests for specific titles are preferred. However, SDA staff will endeavour to help you find appropriate material (scripts or resources) that you may require.  
4. If members wish to visit the library in person, please phone the Provincial Office at 525-0151. It is preferred members browse our titles through SDA’s on-line database.  
5. No more than ten (10) items may be on loan at any one time.  
6. The maximum loan period will be three (3) weeks with an option to renew for an additional three (3) weeks provided no one has requested the title. To renew, borrowers must e-mail (dramainfo@sasktel.net) requesting an extension, noting the items for which the extension applies.
7. If the borrowed material is not returned on the due date, and no extension has been asked for, a fine of $10.00 per title per week will be imposed.

Lost material will be billed to the borrower for replacement cost as follows: the actual cost of the reference/resource material or the script plus shipping and taxes.

9. Non Compliance with Library Policy will result in loss of library privileges.  
10. The defaulting person will not have the use of the library nor be eligible to participate in other SDA programs until the material borrowed is returned and all fines are paid.