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1 Clown Skits For Everyone Skits 1 - 2 AG 1-3 1991 Feder, Happy Jack Meriwether Publishing Ltd. (CDC) Middle Years and High School No This book is a handy aid for anyone and everyone who is ever in need of clown performance material or bits of advice on how to perform. This book contains dozens of fully scripted skits designed to be used by one or two clowns.
2 Ugly Duckling, The Fantasy One Act 3 M, 4 F 4-10 1947 Milne, A. A. Samuel French Ltd. Middle Years and High School No 30 minute playing time. Arrangements have been made for Prince Simon to marry Princess Camilla. The King and Queen are nervous because-- let's face it-- Camilla is plain! It is decided that a beautiful maid will impersonate Camilla until the wedding. The Prince hears of Camilla's beauty and, considering himself rather plain, has his extremely handsome man Carlo impersonate him. Simon and Camilla meet by chance and fall in love. Each is beautiful to the other and they live happily ever after.
3 All Aboard And Other Plays Collections Various N/A 1959 Clay, N. L. William Heinemann Elementary and Middle Years Yes All Aboard; The Serpent And The Dove; The Discovery; The Visitors; The Waiting Game; A Matter Of Gravity No Abstract available.
4 All Around Collection For Kindergarten And Primary Grades Collections Various N/A 1968 Stieve, Helen Eldridge Publishing Co. Elementary Yes Special Occasion Recitations and play lets for: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's, Mother's day, Father's day
5 All Around Collection For Kindergarten And Primary Grades Collections Various N/A 1968 Stieve, Helen Eldridge Publishing Co. Elementary Yes No abstract available.
6 America Hurrah Collections Various N/A 1967 Van Itallie, Jean-Claude Dramatists Play Service, Inc. High School Yes Interview; T.V.; Motel See Entries 4562-4564 for details on plays.
7 Somewhere, Nowhere Collections Various N/A 2011 Price, Lindsay Theatrefolk High School Yes Frying Pan To Frying Pay, The Tower Of Tyler, Underneath, The Egg Carong And Shaving Cream Solution Somewhere, Nowhere is both a full-length play and four independent competition-length one acts. Each one-act is a snapshot of teenage life in the small town of Brayton. The full-lenth takes place over the course of four seasons. The characters reappear, change and grow with each subsequent story. Each one act play's running tme is approximately 25-30 minutes. See 238, 240, 1749 and 2126.
8 Plays, The Drama Magazine Drama Mags Various N/A May 2011 Various Sterling Partners, Inc. Elementary, Middle Years and High School Yes Paint Me A Picture, Stirring Up Trouble, Huckleberry Finn (Adapted), Mail-Order Bride, Snow White, Bee At Your Best!, The Three Aunts Includes plays for Elementary, Middle Years and High School, plus a Dramatized Classic for Middle Years and High School. Production Notes Included.See 684, 936-939, 949, and 960 for details.
9 American Blues Collections Various N/A 1968 Williams, Tennessee Dramatists Play Service, Inc. High School Yes Moony's Kid Don't Cry; The Case Of The Crushed Petunias; The Dark Room; The Long Stay Short Cut, Or, The Unsatisfactory Supper; Ten Blocks Of The Camino Real See entries 4570-4574 for details on plays.
10 American Dream, The Collections 2 M, 3 F 4-10 1961 Albee, Edward Penguin Group High School Yes The American Dream; The Zoo Story Mount Royal Collegiate, Saskatoon - 1983 Mother, a domineering upper-class wife, and father, a long suffering, acquiescent husband, are making small talk. Then Grandma, who is supposed to be a superannuated nuisance, appears. She is well aware that her daughter wishes to get rid of her. Also found in Three Plays By Edward Albee - 2 (196-7).
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