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1 A Is For All Collections Various N/A 1968 Winter, M. Dramatists Play Service, Inc. High School Yes Animal Keepers; Assembly Line; All Saints' Day Three One Act Plays. See 3382 - 3384 for details.
2 Acting Is Fun Collections Various N/A 1953 Masters, Gladys University of London Press Elementary Yes Cherry's Mistake; Christmas At Shoe-House; Greedy Puss; If You Step Into A Fairy Ring; The Lost Toys; A Little Red-Riding-Hood; The First Christmas Cherry's Mistake: Cherry invites strangers into her Mother's house and Mother thinks they are burglars. Christmas At Shoe-House: Santa comes to the poor children and the old woman who lives in a shoe. Greedy Puss!: A story of mice, cats & fairies. If You Step Into A Fairy Ring: Fairies & Pixies help Jerry when he is dismissed from the farm he was working on. Lost Toys, The: Fairies help Elsie control her temper as she hurts her toys. Little Red Riding Hood, A: Nellie chooses the wrong cakes for Grandma but changes them when she realizes Grandma cannot eat the ones she chose. First Christmas, The: Mother tells her children a story about the first Christmas.
3 All Aboard And Other Plays Collections Various N/A 1959 Clay, N. L. William Heinemann Elementary and Middle Years Yes All Aboard; The Serpent And The Dove; The Discovery; The Visitors; The Waiting Game; A Matter Of Gravity No Abstract available.
4 All Around Collection For Kindergarten And Primary Grades Collections Various N/A 1968 Stieve, Helen Eldridge Publishing Co. Elementary Yes Special Occasion Recitations and play lets for: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's, Mother's day, Father's day
5 All Around Collection For Kindergarten And Primary Grades Collections Various N/A 1968 Stieve, Helen Eldridge Publishing Co. Elementary Yes No abstract available.
6 America Hurrah Collections Various N/A 1967 Van Itallie, Jean-Claude Dramatists Play Service, Inc. High School Yes Interview; T.V.; Motel See Entries 4562-4564 for details on plays.
7 Somewhere, Nowhere Collections Various N/A 2011 Price, Lindsay Theatrefolk High School Yes Frying Pan To Frying Pay, The Tower Of Tyler, Underneath, The Egg Carong And Shaving Cream Solution Somewhere, Nowhere is both a full-length play and four independent competition-length one acts. Each one-act is a snapshot of teenage life in the small town of Brayton. The full-lenth takes place over the course of four seasons. The characters reappear, change and grow with each subsequent story. Each one act play's running tme is approximately 25-30 minutes. See 238, 240, 1749 and 2126.
8 Plays, The Drama Magazine Drama Mags Various N/A May 2011 Various Sterling Partners, Inc. Elementary, Middle Years and High School Yes Paint Me A Picture, Stirring Up Trouble, Huckleberry Finn (Adapted), Mail-Order Bride, Snow White, Bee At Your Best!, The Three Aunts Includes plays for Elementary, Middle Years and High School, plus a Dramatized Classic for Middle Years and High School. Production Notes Included.See 684, 936-939, 949, and 960 for details.
9 American Blues Collections Various N/A 1968 Williams, Tennessee Dramatists Play Service, Inc. High School Yes Moony's Kid Don't Cry; The Case Of The Crushed Petunias; The Dark Room; The Long Stay Short Cut, Or, The Unsatisfactory Supper; Ten Blocks Of The Camino Real See entries 4570-4574 for details on plays.
10 American Dream, The Collections 2 M, 3 F 4-10 1961 Albee, Edward Penguin Group High School Yes The American Dream; The Zoo Story Mount Royal Collegiate, Saskatoon - 1983 Mother, a domineering upper-class wife, and father, a long suffering, acquiescent husband, are making small talk. Then Grandma, who is supposed to be a superannuated nuisance, appears. She is well aware that her daughter wishes to get rid of her. Also found in Three Plays By Edward Albee - 2 (196-7).
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