How to use the on-line library database:

Watch this short video, which explains how to use the on-line library database, or follow the written instructions below:

Click the "library database" link to the left.

If you know the name of the play, author, publisher, etc., enter the information in the "Quick Search" box, then click the "FIND IT!" button. The database will list any plays matching that criteria.

To get a more simplified view of individual plays, click on an underlined link in the row of the play you wish to preview and a Play Detail box will appear to the bottom left of your screen.

To switch to a condensed Reference Table, choose "SDA Reference Library" from the dropdown menu that says "Go to table". Again, the "Quick Search" and the preview features work the same as above.

You may also choose the "Page" from the dropdown menu, then click the link to return to the Sask Drama Association's home page.

You may also browse through the entire database by clicking on the "Go to Page ..." located near the bottom centre of the table, or go through page by page by clicking the "Next" button located on the far right bottom of the table.